Monday, October 5, 2015

Pregnancy | Weeks 18 & 19


I hope everyone is having a great Monday. Today, I am sharing a quick pregnancy update. Last week's ultrasound appointment went amazing. Each time we are able to see little one on the ultrasound screen, I am amazed at how truly blessed we are to be expecting our first child. 

Toward the end of the screen, the ultrasound technician was able to confirm the sex and told us I am carrying a little girl! I think both of our jaws dropped as I had been telling everyone I was convinced we were going to have a boy. Knowing that there is a little miss hanging out with me has made everything so much more real. 

We were able to see Baby M has grown tremendously since the first trimester. Based on little girl's measurements and previous ultrasounds the doctor decided to move up my due date to February 27th. This is not a huge shock as February 27th was the original date calculated based on my last period and estimated conception date. So today, I am recapping weeks 18 & 19 to get everything back on track. 

Size of Baby: At 18 weeks, baby M is the size of a sweet potato and weighs 7 oz. Now at 19 weeks, baby M is the size of a zucchini and weighs 8.5 oz.

Gender: Sweet, sweet baby girl! Thrilled and shocked that we will be having a girl. She is going to be one loved little one. 

Weight Gain: Up 10 pounds. I feel like this is a milestone. I would love to say it is all belly, but that is just not the case. Trying my best to keep by booty and arms toned with PureBarre. Just trying to keep in mind that I am right on track with my weight gain. Research has shown that there are more risks to baby when the mother does not gain enough weight vs gaining too much weight.

Maternity Clothes: I can still wear most of my non pregnancy tops. I can squeeze into my normal pants but they are quite uncomfortable. So, I am mainly wearing pregnancy bottoms just for comfort.

Nursery: This is baby girl's nursery inspiration. Can't wait to start purchasing pieces over the holidays! 

Movement: I notice baby girl move the most at night. Especially if I have enjoyed something with a bit of sugar.

Symptoms: Horrible migraines twice this week. My old trick of taking a nap to make them go away no longer works. The only think that helps is tylenol and a diet soda. Also, my belly has grown exponentially this week. There is no hiding the fact that I am pregnant anymore!

Sleep: Sleeping well on my side with the aid of the snoogle (pregnancy pillow). Love wrapping the pillow around my back and tucked under my neck. 

Cravings: Candy Corn M&Ms are still my addiction. Funny how your craving change over the weeks. The first three months I would have never touched sweets. Now the grocery cart is full of chocolate covered pretzels, ice cream and pie. 

What I Miss: Running. I am wary of giving running a try again as I took the summer months off due to heat. I really need to bite the bullet and at least see how my body responds. I think I would be okay with continuing with long walks. 

Exercise: 4 Pure Barre classes and one long walk. Walking was off the table as it has been raining for the past 11 days. 

Best Moments: Finding out we are having a little Miss! Deciding on a name and starting to really plan for baby girl! Initials will be CGM but I am going to keep the name off the blog for now. 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

I'm switching things up today with a fun survey. I have noticed there are quite a few new faces stopping by so I thought I would share a little more about myself. Of course, I want to get to know each of you as well. Feel free to share some of your answers in the comments.

1. What is your eye color? Hazel.

2. Favorite Color? Turquoise.  I have to be careful or all the rooms in our house would be some shade of green and I would have a wardrobe to match.

3. What's the furthest you've ever been from home? Greece last year for our 2 year anniversary cruise.

4. Where were you born? Wilmington, NC

5. Favorite movie?  This one took some thought. I have always been a watch a movie once and never watch it again. As I child, I really loved musicals so I may have to go with My Fair Lady.
6. What is your middle name? Carole

7. What is your favorite food?

8. What is the last thing you bought? Went to Costco and grabbed a few essentials :) - an outfit for baby, chocolate sea salt almonds (amazing!), coconut shrimp, Chicago style popcorn and some Naked Juice.

9. Favorite smells? The Capri Volcano candle (Anthropologies’ signature scent) Our house currently smells amazing thanks to this candle.

10. When was the last time you cried? Last weekend. I was home alone and decided to grab dinner Friday night. Then I could not for the life of me decide what to get. I just wanted someone to make the decision for me. (Thanks, pregnancy hormones.)

11. What phone do you have? iPhone 5s. I dropped my phone last week and shattered the screen that plus the fact it does not hold a charge means I am upgrading ASAP.

12. How tall are you? 5 feet 2 inches

13. Can you cook? I try to cook dinner each night. I am not the most creative chef but I can follow a recipe very well.

14. What color is your car? Silver

15. Favorite item at Trader Joe's? Joe Joe’s Peppermint Oreos. I love these at Christmas time and they are 100x better than the Oreo variety.

16. Favorite way to travel? By boat. I love going out to the beach on the boat during the summer. We spend a lot of time on the waterway just enjoying the coast each summer. I also think that cruise ships are the best way to vacation as you get to see so many places all while enjoying the beauty of the Ocean.

17. What can't you sleep without? At least 2 blankets.  This summer, I ran our power bill up too much due to wanting to sleep under quilts but having to turn the temperature down low due to my personal heater growing in my belly. (Side note: This pregnancy has been the only time in my life that I have consistently been warm. I am typically freezing most days.)

18. Do you collect anything? I have started collecting Nativity Scenes from each country we visit.

19. If you were given 1 million dollars and you could only spend it on yourself, what would you do with it? I would pay off our debt and move our family nearby.

20. Have any magazine subscriptions? No. I would love subscription to Our State Magazine.

21. What were you doing at 12am last night? Sleeping. Snuggled up to my huge maternity pillow.

22. Any tattoos? No.

23. Favorite area restaurant? I love Nantucket Grill. It is my go to when visitors are in town and they have the best cake.

24.  Dream job?  Developmental Psychologist. I would love to work with young children and help provide early intervention to target emerging critical skills. I do a little of this as a School Psychologist but have the dream to work in private practice.

25. Biggest guilty pleasure? Diet Coke. I love them. Try and limit it to 2-3 a week. Plus sweets which I have a hard time limiting to special occasions these days.

What is your dream job or guilty pleasure?

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pregnancy | Week 17

Size of Baby: Baby M is the size of a pomegranate and weighs 5 ounces.

Gender: We find out this week!! Just for fun, I made a chart of old wives tales predicting gender. Honestly, I do not place any weight into wives' tales regarding gender. None are based on data just anecdotal experience. There is evidence to say that you may be more prone to morning sickness if you experience motion sickness. Additionally, headaches and skin changes can happen due to skincare routine, changes in diet or even the weather. But, based on these it seems like the odds are leaning toward a baby boy. 

Weight Gain: I am up 7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Which is right on track. At least a few pounds are due to all the candy corn M & Ms I have been enjoying! Guilt free :) 

Maternity Clothes: Still rocking mainly dresses and loose tops. My non- maternity pants may need to be retired in the coming weeks.

Nursery: Making a shopping list for Ikea when we go to Charlotte in October. 

Movement: I have started feeling small kicks really low in my abdomen especially late at night. 

Symptoms: I have been extra emotional this past week. I cried watching Pitch Perfect 2- not at all a sappy movie. Thankfully, I have been able to snap out of my moody spells pretty quickly.  

Sleep: Sleep is becoming more and more difficult by the day, I ordered a maternity body pillow over the weekend and have been giving it a try. Sleeping on my side is something I will have to get used to. 

Cravings: Loving Candy Corn M & Ms. They truly taste noting like candy corn and are more of a white chocolate flavor. 

What I Miss: Alcohol. All the fall flavors have come out in the grocery stores and have me yearning for a Strongbow cider.

Exercise: 4 Pure Barre classes as well as 2 long walks. 

Best Moments: Feeling definite kicks at night has been amazing. 

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