Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Owning It

Elise @ Cheers Y'all wrote an great post on owning it that hit home. Owning that no one is perfect, everyone has their struggles and quirks and it's okay to be different. It's important to strive for progress not perfection. So today, I'm owning where I am today and sharing some of my quirks with you.

Some of the things I boldly own:
- I'm a only child to a tee, there is no denying it.
- Making simple decisions such as what movie to see or entree at a restaurant is a big struggle. I approach every restaurant meal like it might be my last meal. Talk about pressure huh?
- I'm a extreme multi-tasker. Right now I have five other windows open on my computer and a word document. I am also watching the news.
- As much as I try and tame it I have a major sweet tooth. I could eat sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner with little regret.
- I take a ridiculous about of pictures of our dog. I know it is going to be worse when we have kids.
- Even though I commute over an hour for work, I hate driving. I make an excellent and entertaining passenger.
-Pants make me uncomfortable. Maybe I've never found the right pair, but I loath wearing jeans. I live in dresses and skirts and would not have it any other way.
- I love running races, but I don't like competition.
- I grew up in the south, but don't like the taste of sweet tea.
- I know little to nothing about football. Going to a high school and college that did not have a football team I never learned about the sport. I love a good tailgate and try and am slowly learning since we are now in the heart of football country.
- I'm an introvert that desperately wants to become more of an extrovert. It was hard moving to a new city not knowing anyone and I am always trying to force myself out of my comfort zone.

I'd love to hear from you! Share some things you boldly own.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mediterranean Cruise: Santorini & Mykonos

The last two Greek ports on our cruise were by far the most beautiful. The first isle we docked at was Santorini. The island of Santorini was formed after an enormous volcanic eruption leaving enormous cliffs on three sides of the island rising almost 1,000 feet from the sea. 

We visited the city of Fira which is the capital of Santorini. To get to the city you have a choice of walking a winding pathway, riding donkeys or a cable car ride to the top. Upon the recommendation of the cruise ship, we took the cable car ride to the top. 

We spent the day wandering around the streets exploring the shops and enjoying the stunning views.  Pictures just do not do the beautiful scenery justice.  

Joe waiting patiently as I explored.

After Santorini, we visited the port of Mykonos. The town of Mykonos was filled with winding streets which invited you to lose yourself in the town and explore local architecture. We  also visited the city windmills which were built by the Venetians in the 16th century in use until the early 20th century.

I loved the bright colors of the miniature windows and doors. 

Local fisherman in the bay.

The water was unbelievably blue. It seemed like around every corner there was another adorable shop or beautiful view. I feel incredibly lucky to have visited these islands and hope to return someday.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend in Food

We started the weekend off on an southern note by enjoying BBQ on the patio at QUE in Durham. The QUE is a new restaurant opened by Legendary Pitmaster, Ed Mitchell. Ed Mitchell previously owned The Pit in Raleigh. Not being the biggest barbecue fan I'm always worried if I will find things I like on the menu. Luckily, there was a variety of southern style food on the menu in addition to BBQ. We split the pork rind crusted brie which was topped with maple syrup. Surprisingly, you could not taste the pork rinds at all and it added a crunchy texture to the cheese. It was not jaw dropping but I am happy I tried it.

I ordered the Rachel which was a turkey BBQ sandwich topped with cabbage and thousand island dressing. This was completely out of my comfort zone and completely delicious! The pickled cabbage added a kick to the sandwich that really balanced the sandwich. Also, (unpictured) I enjoyed a delicious moonshine cocktail.

Joe enjoyed the BBQ plate and raved about the moisture of the meat so much so that no sauce was needed!

Saturday we spent the day at the Topsail beach with my family. The weather was cool and partially sunny which made for a perfect beach day in my books. After a long day at the beach we headed back to the house to enjoy homemade ice cream. This ice cream is one of my childhood favorites and I happily indulged in every bite. It is such a simple recipe you can never tell the base is store bought ice cream! Check out the recipe here

Yum. Just looking back on these pictures I feel like I have gained 5lbs. That's what the weekends are for right? Don't worry I'm back on the bandwagon today.  What is your favorite indulgence when it comes to food?