Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Running Update

I can’t believe that it’s October! This year has really flown by so quickly. This year I feel like it has gone by quicker than most. (Feeling really old with that thought right about now!) I am still working (slowly) toward my goal of reaching my "happy weight". Weight loss for me has always been two steps forward 10 steps back. So I trying new strategies to break the cycle. For now, I am going to just be sharing my weekly meal plans and workouts. I'll update you on the weight loss if anything changes.
On the workout front, I’m currently logging around 30 miles a week for my half-marathon training. This is a lot of miles based on most half plans but I'm working on speed and endurance so I'm pushing myself a bit.  Also, coming off of marathon training 30 miles a week seems like a break. I really try and get my workout completed in the morning. I like to get it out of the way first thing during the day. Honestly, if I wait until after work it is just not happening.
Here’s the breakdown: Monday I run around 4 miles. I like to refer to it as a shakeout run from my long run Saturday.  Tuesday is speed or hill work with my training group which is typically 3-4 miles. Wednesday is a steady pace 5 mile run.  On Thursdays I log 4 quick miles. Friday is a cross training on the elliptical or a long walk. Then Saturdays is my long run which is now up to 12 miles. Sunday is an active rest day and I try and get out and walk a few miles to stretch out my legs.

Monday- 4 Miles
Tuesday- 3-4 Miles Speed work
Wednesday- 5 Easy Miles
Thursday- 4 Miles
Friday-  30- 45 minutes Cross Training
Saturday- 10- 12 Mile Long Run
Sunday- Rest Day
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mornings= Coffee Please!

First off- Happy National Coffee Day! I am not sure who makes a holiday for everything, but I always jump at the chance to party so I am a fan. Celebrating this morning with a delicious cup of donut house hazelnut coffee. If anyone has any recommendations for a great flavor of K cup pods send them my way!

Since I am still holding on to the weekend this morning I thought I would take the chance to share my weekend with you! Joe and I had a great date night Friday night. We visited a local Italian restaurant called Serena and enjoyed dinner and drinks on the patio. I am still obsessed with Italian food and this restaurant did not disappoint. My favorite was the capanota which is an eggplant spread served with crostini. Which is unpictured because I devoured it too quickly!

Caprese Sandwich

After dinner we headed home with tiramisu to go and picked up Transcendence from a Redbox. I love getting dessert to go because I feel too full to enjoy it after a nice dinner but am always in the mood for dessert something sweet about an hour after dinner. Transcendence was not a big hit with us. It was filled with a list actors but the script was full of plot holes. I had not watched a Johnny Depp movie in a while so that was about the only plus.

Saturday morning I went on a 10 mile run with my training group. It ended up being the best long run for me  this training season. I am not sure if it was the cooler weather,  the Italian carb loading or my fuel choice but I felt great!  Finger crossed I feel this way next Saturday when I run 12 miles.

 After the run, I quickly got ready to head to Fayetteville. Joe and I drove up and spend the day with his family. They hosted a huge cookout and thankfully the cooler weather made for a great day.
Sunday morning we took Charlie and took a long walk on the Tobacco Trail. I loved the Tobacco Trail on weekends it is motivating to see lots of families, individuals and even pets getting out and enjoying the outdoors. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed and enjoyed NFL football. After the Panthers loss, I snuck away to catch up on TV shows I missed last week.  I’m not quite sure about How to Get Away With Murder yet based on the pilot. Murder thrillers just really aren’t my thing. I loved the new episode of The Mindy Project and The Big Bang Theory. I love Kaley Cuoco’s new hair and wish I could pull off a short hairstyle.

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Happy Monday Y'all! 

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five

Around these parts it feels like we have skipped over fall and went straight to winter. That is the one thing that can be irritating about the south- no consistent seasons.  It looks like it will be back in the 80’s by next week so I’m going to enjoy the coolness as much as I can! Here are a few thing that I am loving this week.

{One} Watching. Scandal is back on! I am interested in where they take the show this season. I truly hope they mix it up and look into the main characters lives vs solving a problem every week.

{Two} Munching On. I saw this delicious popcorn by  pop up on Julie’s blog this week.  I am happy to report it is just as good as it sounds. I am not into pumpkin flavored everything but I could get onboard with candy corn flavored treats. Pumpkin Mellocremes are my favorite Halloween treat.

{Three} Wishlist Worthy.  I am in love with the trend of 360 earrings. I snagged a pair at Baublebar for under $25 when they were having a flash sale last week. I just got them in the mail today and they included the cutest bar necklace with it! Do yourself a favor and pick these up ASAP!

{Four} Currently Laughing. Buzzfeed articles are always popping up on my newsfeed this one on short girl problems I could completely relate to. If I want something on a high shelf at a store and it is in the very back- it’s not happening just going to have to wait till next trip! I am secretly jealous of tall girls but have been trying to embrace my petite status.

{Five} Coming Up. This weekend we are headed to visit Joe’s family for a mini family reunion. His extended family is coming in from all over the US for a cookout at his Aunt’s house.  As long as the weather cooperates I’ll be completing a long run Saturday morning before we head out.  Only 3 weeks until the Bull City Half!

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